Child Assessment by Dr Joanne (Independent Educational and Child Psychologist)

I offer assessments for children and young people aged 0-18 years old. This can be for a wide range of concerns. I carry out assessments when there are general concerns about your child’s learning or assessments regarding specific queries (such as over your child’s reading or memory skills). I have experience in working with children with a range of additional needs, such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), language difficulties, anxiety, physical difficulties, visual impairment, to name a few. I also have experience in working with children who have English as an additional language and those that are Gifted and Talented.

I have been trained in a number of approaches to assessment, and I bring this knowledge into my practice. For example, I carry out formal standardised assessments (tests) with the child, I use techniques to gain your child’s perspective of the situation, and I consult with parents/carers to gain your view of the situation. Taking information from a number of sources allows me to gain a more accurate picture of what is occurring for your child.

Following my thorough assessment I devise an action plan. I try to think about the most widespread impact for your child. Therefore, I suggest strategies for your child’s school or nursery, for you, and for your child to implement to bring about change.

I write a comprehensive report of my involvement so that you can refer back to this when needed and share it with relevant professionals, such as your child’s school. I offer an optional review meeting, where we discuss your child’s new progress and how we can continue this improvement.

What does a typical child assessment with Dr Joanne entail?

The package below shows a typical cycle of educational psychology assessment. However, this can be personalised depending on your needs.

  • Step 1
    Parent/carer makes an enquiry by phone or email

  • Step 2
    Dr Joanne will have an initial consultation by phone to discuss your concerns, and agree how she can help you. There is no obligation to continue beyond this point

  • Step 3
    Parent/carer completes the registration form. This also contains Dr Joanne’s bespoke questionnaire, so Dr Joanne can plan the personalised assessment with your child

  • Step 4
    Dr Joanne meets your child at home or school to carry out the assessment

  • Step 5
    A phone consultation takes place between Dr Joanne and yourselves to feedback the findings of the assessment. We also collaboratively plan the next steps to ensure your child makes progress

  • Step 6
    Dr Joanne writes a comprehensive report that outlines the background information, assessment findings, her psychological formulation, and the actions that should take place as a result of the assessment

Please contact me to discuss your bespoke package