Parent Coaching with Dr Joanne (Independent Educational and Child Psychologist)

Through Coaching, together we identify the strengths and factors that may be leading to the current issue. I then apply up to date research and theory, to understand what is happening in your unique situation and what strategies are most likely going to lead to change. I then share this information with you, so that collaboratively we make an informed and specific action plan to bring about change.

As an Educational and Child Psychologist, I have extensive Doctoral Level training and experience in understanding and intervening in a wide range of educational issues and other difficulties in childhood and adolescence, from birth upwards. Consequently, my Coaching approach can be applied to a whole range of issues, from toddler tantrums to considering how to encourage your teenager to complete homework.

What does parent coaching with Dr Joanne entail?

My Coaching packages are highly bespoke and are agreed together. The package below gives an example of what Coaching may look like for you.

  • Step 1
    Contact Dr Joanne by phone or email to outline the area you wish to address

  • Step 2
    A phone call of up to an hour to collaboratively explore the area in detail and plan how to work together

  • Step 3
    A home visit to meet your children and see the current situation

  • Step 4
    A face-to-face action planning meeting of up to 1 hour where I ensure we have a joint understanding of the issue and identify the specific next steps to be taken

  • Step 5
    A comprehensive written report. This outlines a detailed understanding of the issue being discussed and states the agreed next steps to improve the situation

  • Step 6
    A phone call 6 weeks after the action planning meeting to review how the plan has led to change, and to think of any further next steps

Please contact me to discuss your bespoke package