Educational Psychology Service Offered to Schools, Nurseries, and Other Settings

I offer a cost-effective Educational Psychology Service that maximises positive change for your school. I am trained as an Educational and Child Psychologist with Doctoral Level training and qualifications. I offer advice regarding individual pupils, staff and parent training, group interventions with pupils, as well as many other types of support. I feel that my experience as both a qualified teacher and an Early Years practitioner enhances my work as an Educational and Child Psychologist.

My vast experience enables me to offer a highly flexible service, and I am happy to discuss further with you how we can work together to best bring about results for your school’s community.


In line with my belief that a flexible service helps support the vast range of settings I work with, I offer both one-off sessions and the option to buy in a block of sessions with myself, at even better value.

I offer a day rate to be more transparent. The day rate includes time at your setting, travel, as well as preparation and report writing time for you setting.