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Joanne was professional, compassionate, and thorough.  The process of assessment and feedback was inclusive, and the outcomes have truly changed our perspectives for the better

Kate, parent


Typically commissioned by families


These are carried out at home or school, so your child is in a familiar setting.  I offer assessments for children and young people up to the age of 18 years old. I carry out assessments when there are general concerns about a child’s learning or regarding a specific issue (such as your child’s reading, memory skills, attention). I have experience in working with children with a range of learning differences, such as dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, dyspraxia/DCD, PDA, language difficulties, anxiety, physical difficulties, visual impairment, to name a few. I also have experience in working with children who have English as an additional language.

All my assessments are planned uniquely for each child.  I have been trained in a number of assessment approaches, and I bring this knowledge into my practice. For example, I carry out formal standardised assessments (tests) with the child, I use techniques to gain your child’s perspective of the situation, I consult with parents/carers (and often teachers) to gain your view of the situation, and I often see your child working in class. Taking information from a number of sources allows me to gain a more accurate picture of what is occurring for your child.

During the assessment with the child, I use a relaxed and positive approach.  My aim is that they leave the room feeling better about themselves than when they entered.  I adapt my assessment to consider any needs, such as anxiety.

My assessments always identify the young person's many strengths, as well as their difficulties.  Based on each child's personal strengths and difficulties, I put forward an action plan of specific strategies and next steps.   There are often recommendations for home, school, and for the young person themselves.

I include a detailed psychological written report, which outlines my assessment and recommended next steps.  

Please contact me for more information on my packages.


Typically commissioned by schools, Local Authorities, and Academy groups

In the Classroom

I am commissioned by nurseries and schools to provide a Psychology service for the setting.  I believe in supporting the whole school community and often deliver workshops for staff and parents/carers, as well as assessments of young people.  My assessments are very successful as evidence towards statutory assessment requests.  This ongoing work means I build up great relationships with the school community, and can respond to their unique needs without delay.

Please contact me for more information on my packages.



I love learning, and use I this passion and my experience to deliver training workshops on a range of topics.  Recent topics include 'Becoming a Neurodiversity-affirming School', 'Understanding Autism', 'Dyslexia in the Classroom', and 'Neurodiversity-Friendly Families'.  My training can be delivered face to face and online. I use my teaching experience to make it interactive and impactful, and receive excellent feedback.  I have lots of experience in delivering workshops to teaching staff, LA professionals, parents and carers, and young people.


neurodiversity 1.jpg

I specialise in Neurodiversity.  Neurodiversity refers to the different ways we think and experience the world.  The Neurodiversity approach focuses on see diagnosis such as Autism or dyslexia as 'learning differences' vs. 'learning difficulties', and seeing the strengths as well as difficulties.  I am neurodivergent myself and I am a mum in a neurodiverse family, and I use this lived experience in my work.  

I combine my a) professional knowledge, b) real life experience of being in a neurodiverse family, and c) my ability to listen to the lived experience of others, to create a deep understanding of learning differences such as Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Disorder, Dyslexia, and PDA.  I value the strengths commonly associated with these diagnoses, as well as the difficulties and neutral aspects.  I look at how we can adapt our approaches at school and home, to maximise children's progress and happiness.  I regularly providing training and consultancy work on this topic.

I was nominated for a National Diversity Award for my work in the area of Neurodiversity.

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